We have been seeking the possibilities that "light" brings us for about 25 years
as experts of optical products.
We will keep listening to clients' needs such as
cost reductions and product customizations and
suggesting the best product for them based on our experiences and results.


In the video transmission field, we contribute to various industries including live shows with the latest video transmission technology.

  • Approach to Real4K

    The market of 4K products in 2025 is expected to be 3.7 times higher (17.45 trillion Japanese Yen) than the one in 2016.
    We have equipment which transmits 4K video such as transmitter, extension device, HDMI cables as the demand rises.

  • Achievements

    Our products have already been used at live shows and concerts. The products are highly popular in the video industry which uses them a lot.
    These products are also great in film directions.。

  • For the Future

    The broadcasting with 4K and 8K has started since 2018 and it is expected that the broadcasting will spread for Tokyo Olympic in 2020.
    We are preparing for the spread of 8K.


We, Cominix Optical System Sales Department, handle products of powerful optical system manufacturers from domestic and overseas.

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Proven and trusted "optical" products

We meet your various needs with our optical products, not only the needs of optical fiber cables. Our clients continuously use the products because of the stability, technical support system, and the customizability adapted for each customer. We have gained many experiences thanks to customers since the establishment of the optical system department. We hope that we contribute to the future technology and products with our valuable experiences.

Company Name Cominix Co.,Ltd.

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