Cost reduction of
whole manufacturing process
with a customized cutting tool

when manufacturing products, for instance, the cost of a cutting tool is about 5 percent. That means even if our clients try to reduce 20 percent of the cost, total cost of manufacturing only changes merely 1 percent as a result. However, if we suggest a customized cutting tool to shorten 20 percent of the time of process, the number of products that can be manufactured would increase 100 per hour to 120 per hour, for example. That shows though the cost of material for customizing the cutting tool would increase, they could reduce 14~15 percent out of the total cost eventually because the rest of the part that costs 70~80 percent can be reduced 20 percent. This is how we suggest the best way for clients.

Discovering excellent cutting tool manufacturers
from domestic and overseas

We have business transactions with major and various manufacturers which cover about 60 percent of the world share in the cutting tool market.
We provide good international products with our clients by using our global network; we have 27 sales bases in 8 countries.