Ideas for COVID-19 infection prevention measures

We did a survey for people in the manufacturing industry and tool trading companies.


This time, unlike the usual tool information, it is an article about the COVID-19 countermeasures.
Although some basic forms have taken in offices, restaurants and stores, however, in particular, the countermeasure information for manufacturing industry has not been generalized.
In a situation which we have to be closed due to the influence of infectious diseases, we think that it is meaningful to collect and disseminate information on infectious disease countermeasures for everyone. We did a survey using the national network of Cominix.
We hope that you can use it as ideas that you can refer to even one or two for future manufacturing and business, unlike the statistical information that the government does survey at SNS etc.

Survey period: 1st Sep 2020 to 23rd Sep 2020

Industry and business scale of who responded to the survey (total number of responses: 35 companies)

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The purpose of this survey
Questions No. 1 to 3 are about infectious disease control, and No. 4 to 6 are questions about product and service needs. We expect to get new ideas that could be helpful by excluding the ideas of wearing masks or avoiding three Cs.

Question No.1
Are there any anti-virus measures you are doing or trying to do in addition to wearing masks, washing hands, staggered working hours and staggered breaks, daily health management and avoiding three Cs (closed spaces, crowded places, and close-contact)?

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Created an infectious disease control group and made rules on what to do in the unlikely event that an infected person or a close contact occurs.
Made indivisual mailbox for each customer to avoid face-to-face contact for recieving invoices and receipts.

Question No.2
What are your request for your business partners in addition to wearing masks, washing hands, daily health management, and avoiding three Cs?

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Question No.3
Did you change the layout or rules of the manufacturing site or office for the purpose of anti-virus measures and improving the environment at the site?Or do you have any plans to do it?

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Details of layouts and rules change
みんなのコロナ対策- (5).png

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Question No.4
Do you feel that the recent business sentiment has changed the improvement policy for cutting tools and machining?

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There is no change in verifying the cost against the required accuracy as before.
Work is less, but wish to shorten the cycle time more than ever.

Question No.5
Are there any services or products that you are paying attention to from the perspective of "with COVID-19"?

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We would like to introduce some information that were close to above request.
  • みんなのコロナ対策-11.png

    Made by users in the Chubu area and sold to local facilities.

  • みんなのコロナ対策-12.jpeg

    This is made by cutting tool dealer.

Original door opener

Please read the past article for the introduction of cabinets that help tool management for proper inventory management and order lead time.
The Matrix on the right is at our Technical Center. If you have interest, feel free to visit us anytime.
Question No.6
What kind of information would be useful for your business other than the contents this time?

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When we compiled the survey, we found that the method of countermeasures differs depending on the region, not the scale of business or industry.
It seems that there are many more in-depth efforts in the Kanto and Chubu regions, and that relatively general efforts in western Japan.
(Of course, it doesn't mean which is better or worse)

As there is a request at question No.6, we might be able to accelerate the recovery of our business by actively disseminating the status of our own COVID-19 countermeasures not only restaurants and stores, but also in our industry.

Thank you for your cooperation in the survey.

edited by yuki takashima