Prevents order omissions and tool selection mistake Guhring

A next-generation tool management cabinet!
It supports proper stock management, prevents an order omission, and tool selecting mistake.


This cabinet digitally controls taking out and putting in.
The standard quantity of inventory is automatically calculated from the past history.
If the stock quantity is under the standard, the administrator will get an email to notice the order timing.

Product concept
  • Improves security

    Always need to read operator's barcode or QR code before take out or storing.

  • Recommends the order timing

    If the stock quantity is under the standard, the administrator will get an email to recommend the order timing. Message destinations are available to add anytime, not only buyer but also supplier.

  • Prevents tool selecting mistake

    Only selected drawer is unlocked. This system is possible to prevent taking different nose radius and diameter.

  • Recording, analizing, and suggesting

    Always recording the number of tools in and out. You can check the detail at any time. In addition, this system will suggest appropriate order quantity by analyzing records.

  • Managing new/regrinded product

    This system allows to manage number of regrinding and diameter of each tools.

  • Connectability

    You can connect and manage multiple units. It is able to be operated in synchronization with the on-site tool management room.

How to use

1. Read operator ID barcode and select taking tool out or putting tool in.

2. Read product barcode/QR code or input product code and quantity.

3. Open lit drawer. Only lit drawer is unlocked.

4. Take the tool out.

The drawer inside flap is also lit if you choose drawer flap system.
Push button to unlock and take the tool out.
Only selected flap is unlocked.

 Drawer flap system size list

Usage height:   50/75/125/175mm
Flaps per drawer Internal compartment dimension (width x depth) Flap partitioning (width x depth))
48       109×75mm     8×6
40       109×95mm     8×5
32       109×125mm     8×4
36       146×75mm     6×6
24       146×125mm     6×4
24       220×75mm     4×6
18       146×175mm     6×3
20       220×95mm     4×5
16       220×125mm     4×4
12       440×75mm     2×6
12       225×200mm     3×4
8       440×125mm     2×4
4       440×259mm     2×2
(The left photo shows 4x6 flap partitioning type.)

Specific features of Guhring GTMS
  • Special colors on request.

  • Wide variety of cabinets.

  • Available to store tooling as well.

Product detail (PDF file)

Guhring GTMS:
This product will satisfy your needs of:
  • Prevents order omissions

    You will take advantages for preventing order omissions and order mistakes by using next-generation tool management system.

  • Improve security

    Keeping recorded taking out or storing by ID managing. It possible to know who, when, what tool, and how many are in/out.

  • Grasp proper stock quantity

    You can leave usage calculation and analysis to this system.

edited by yuki takashima