Prevents order omissions and tool selection mistake IMC Group

A next-generation tool management cabinet!
It supports proper stock management, prevents an order omission, and tool selecting mistake.


This cabinet digitally controls taking out and putting in.
The standard quantity of inventory is automatically calculated from the past history.
If the stock quantity is under the standard, the administrator will get an email to recommend the order timing.

How to use

1. Select taking tool out or putting tool in.

2. Select the tool from the tool list or read barcode and input the quantity.


3. Open lit drawer. Only selected drawer is unlocked.

4. The lid is automatically opened when open the drawer, then take the tools out or put in. Only selected lid is unlocked.


Read the barcode, input the quantity, and take the tool out.

MATRIX cabinet series


    Wide variety like extension cabinet and half-sized MATRIX

  • ToolPort 8D/4D

    Dispenses single inserts and small items, one by one.

Specific features of MATRIX
  • Detailed analysis and graph making of usage volume, tool cost, shipping items, etc.

  • Taking more than one tools out at the same time

    Put the barcode on drawing or work instruction to identify required tools for the machining. Then it will support to take more than one tools out at the same time.

Please visit CTMC web site for further detail:
This product will satisfy your needs of:
  • Prevents order omissions

    You will take advantages for preventing order omissions and order mistakes by using next-generation tool management system.

  • Improve security

    You can manage both tool for daily use and for test use.

  • Grasp proper stock quantity

    You can leave usage calculation and analysis to this system.

  • Analyze tool cost

    Each tool cost can be shown weekly and monthly.

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