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We are established on December 2002 as DAIKOH (THAILAND) CO., LTD.
DAIKOH (THAILAND)CO., LTD Changed its name to COMINIX (THAILAND) Co., Ltd. on Jan 1 , 2019.

COMINIX has consistently been a specialized trading company which provides Indispensable tools for manufacturing; cutting tools , wear-resisting tools.
We feel that it is our mission to improve client's productivity as the specialized trading company which is involved in various kinds of fields such as car manufacturing,aviation industry, shipbuilding industry, electrical equipment manufacturing, and so on.

The Parent Company : https://www.cominix.jp/

locations in Thailand

Bangkok Office (HQ)

19/1-2 Wang Dek 3 Blg. 5th Floor, Room 5CD Vipawadee Rangsit Rd. Jomphol, Chatujak, Bangkok 10900
Kingdom of Thailand
Tel: +66-2617-5945-8
Fax: +66-2617-5949

Amata Branch

65/7 Moo 4 Tambol Donhuaroh
Aumphur Muang Chonburi 20000
Kingdom of Thailand
Tel: +66-3814-9762
Fax: +66-3814-9763

Rayong Branch

Tada Park Eastern Seaboard Village, 303/13 Moo 3, T.Borwin, A.Sriracha, Chonburi 20000 Thailand
Kingdom of Thailand
Tel: +66-3835-0656
Fax: +66-3835-0690

major products

cutting tools




special tools





precision parts

Precision Die & Molds Parts carefully designed and made from suitable materials to provide a long-lasting accuracy and life.

can toolings

For DI, Ends, 3-pcs., DR, etc

Can play an important role in Can Bodies and End forming processes. Whether made of cemented carbide, ceramic or steel, these tools are finished with high-precision processing to improve quality and productivity.

About Cominix

MAXIMIZE the Cost Reduction

The cost of Cutting Tools is considered only 5% of the entire manufacturing cost.
We offer productivity improvement with the advanced tool and best parameter, and Target on 70% of major manufacturing cost.


Cominix Global Network

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