Functions comparison of high pressure coolant hose

Are you having a trouble with the piping layout and installation workability of the coolant hose?
We will focus on the coolant hose for those who are in trouble in this article.

High pressure coolant hose by Cominix partners.

Here are products lineup for meeting detailed needs such as Swiss type automatic lathe, machine with small space for exchange the tools, and interferenced machining.

The goal of this article

Have you ever worried how to lay out the coolant hose in a limited machine space on an automatic lathe or a lathe with small tool exchange space?
Case 1: Consider to install an internal coolant holder for parting, grooving, or external turning in order to extend the tool life.
Problem 1: The interference on the machine side. The machine inside is already full by a lot of coolant hose.

Case 2: Even if you don't have any problem caused by installing coolant hose...
Problem 2: It is very hard to remove the holder when replacing the insert due to the hose. The existing one-touch type has a large joint which interferes with the workpiece and sub-spindle.

Solve one problem then other problem come out. This article's goal is to make those problems all solved.

Please refer (this article) for the difference between external coolant and internal coolant. (Coolant supply from copper pipe vs. Coolant supply from JETCUT)

General high pressure coolant hose

General coolant hoses are straight type or 90 ° angle type hose which are attached to the holder or machine by rotating.

The length of hose: 100mm to 700mm
Screw of both side: G1/8 to UNF5/16, PT1/8
Size: about Φ20

Easy attaching items of TaeguTec and Utilis

Easy coupling system by TaeguTec

It is very easy to connect to the connector by pulling the knurling part of the house. It is no longer necessary to turn the hose round with the holder in a small space.

・Available with high pressure of 14Mph.

The quick change system by Utilis is the same system as TaeguTec.

Since the hose, joint, and quick change parts are independent, it can flexibly available with various situations. The assembly method will be introduced in the video later.

The size is different from exsisting quick change hose

It is a very important issue how much space the coolant hose occupies in the layout inside the machine.
Japanese tool manufacturers also have hoses with a quick change system (upper), but that prpduct design requires a space of at least 80 mm from the mounting part. Utilis (middle) and TaeguTec (lower) are similar design to upper product, but having a very compact design.

When the coolant hoses have too much spaces, the internal coolant holders cannot be used with small to medium-sized automatic lathes due to adjacent hoses. Also, it may not be possible to use the internal coolant holder for parting machining due to interference with the sub-spindle.

Explaining with automatic lathe.
The hose layout with quick change hose of a certain japanese tool manufacturer
The sub-spindle couldn't get any closer because it may interfere with the hose. Theregfore this quick change system cannot be used for the parting machining of internal coolant. (The hose is not soft since it is basically for high pressure. It cannot be bent further, especially near the joint.)

Now sub-spindle can clamp the workpiece, and possible to use effectively.
Now sub-spindle can clamp the workpiece, and possible to use effectively.

What are the differences between TaeguTec quick change hose and Utilis quick change hose?
Freedom in connecting and length of hose are different.
TaeguTec has streight+90° angle hose only and can be connected only with PT1 / 8 screws. On the other hand, Utilis has separated hose and joint, so it can be flexibly changed into various shapes. Also available with various screw standards.
  • TaeguTec hose is straight+90° angle only and can be connected only with PT1 / 8 screws.
    The length of hoses are 100 to 300mm.

    Various connectors are available by quick change side.

  • Utilis has streight type and 90° type.
    The various screws are available like M5, G1/8, PT1/8, M5-M5, etc.
    The length of hoses are 100 to 500mm.

    There is the hose which can be connected to the quick change system directly.

Feature table of each products

Explanation video

Tried using quick change hose & how to assemble Utilis quick change hose

This is an explanation video of this article

Products lineup of TaegTec and Utilis

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