Saving Cost for High Hardened Steel Machining X5070 Endmill

For high hardened steel processing of HRC50~70.

Endmills for high hardened steel

Endmills for high hardened steel from HRC50~70. Good performance with competitive price.Comprehensive lineup: Square, Corner Radious, Balls, and libs

Save tool costs

※Price comparison : company A is taken as 100.(each tools are for high hardened steel)

Blue coated (AlTiN/Si3N4) solid carbide nano grain endmill

Excellent wear resistance, sharpness, and cost performance.Machining performance is equal to or more than other companies.

Test data

Workpiece material: HAP (HRC70)
Product code: G8D63080(Φ8.0x6 flutes)
Cutting condition: ap=12mm, ae=0.05, V=48m/min, S=1,910rpm, fz=0.03mm, F=343mm/min, DRY, machining for 58 min (approx. 20m)
Test result: Quality of wear resistance is more than Japanese other manufacturer.
  • YG X5070

    Wear amount: 0.032mm

  • Company A's endmill for high harded steel

    Wear amount: 0.059mm

Excellent quality of surface roughness compared to tool of Japanese other manufaturer.
  • YG X5070

    After 58 min machining
    Vertical direction: Ra0.42
    Feed direction: Ra0.17

  • Company A's endmill for high harded steel

    After 58 min machining
    Vertival direction: Ra0.43
    Feed direction: Ra0.15

Machining video

YG endmill series

  • For General Steels

  • For Stainless Steels
    V7 PLUS

  • For Heat Resistant Alloys
    Titanox Power

  • For Pre-Hardened Steels
    4G MILLS

  • For High hardened Steels (HRC50~70)

  • For Aluminum, Non-ferrous Metals

 Appealing sales points and attention
  • Saving cost

    Save tool cost with better performance.

  • Regrinding and Re-coating

    Supported by certified factory.

  • Recommended cutting condition


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