Saving Cost of Steel and Stainless Machining V7 PLUS End mill

Excellent sharpness on steels and stainless steels machining.

High Cost Performance Endmill for Stainless Steel.

Excellent sharpness on stainless steels machineing.
Excellent performance with inexpensive price.

Save tool costs

※Price comparison : company A is taken as 100.(each tools are for stainless steel)

Optimum Edge for Stainless Steel Machining

Reduce vibration by variable leads and pitch.
Competitive price to other endmill for stainless steel.

Test data

Workpiece material: SUS304
Product code: GMF56100 (Φ10x4 flutes)
Cutting condition: ap=15mm, ae=2mm, V=80m/min, S=2,547rpm, fz=0.03mm, F=305mm/min
Test result: V7-PLUS has the best sharpness judging by surface roughness and burrs.
  • YG V7-PLUS

    Smooth surface with less burrs.

  • Company A

    Surface is almost the same but more burrs.

  • Company B

    Rough surface by vibration at starting.


YG endmill series

  • For General Steels

  • For Stainless Steels
    V7 PLUS

  • For Heat Resistant Alloys
    Titanox Power

  • For Pre-Hardened Steels
    4G MILLS

  • For High hardened Steels (HRC50~70)

  • For Aluminum, Non-ferrous Metals

Appealing sales points
  • Saving costs

    Tool cost improvement for stainless steel and titanium.

  • Regrinding and Re-coating

    Supported by certified factory.

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