High feed cutters carrying tangentially clamped rhombic inserts

Strong dovetailed rhombic insert clamping. Suitable for optimal machining of a large variety of engineering. materials

Unique design high feed cutter
Product code: FFV-DR-VN077

V type two-face contact
Tangential high feed

Here are comparison tests with SOMT and LNMU.


  • Concept video

    Strong dovetailed insert clamping

  • Machining test

How is the performance difference by different insert shape?
Performance comparison: Face milling, Shoulder Milling, and Helical coutouring milling

  • Machine

    Okuma Corporation MA550VB
    BT50 vertical machining center

  • Workpiece clamping condition

    Workpiece size: 200x200mm, block
    Workpiece material: SCM440、SUS304

    Insert design: VNMT

    Cutter lead angle: 16°
    Maximum ramping angle: 2.2°
    Maximum depth of cut: 1.5mm

  • Other manufacturer's high feed cutter A
    Insert design: SOMT

    Cutter lead angle: 1°
    Maximum ramping angle: 2.0°
    Maximum depth of cut: 1.5mm

  • Other manufacturer's high feed cutter B
    Insert design: LNMU

    Cutter lead angle: 16°
    Maximum ramping angle: 0.6°
    Maximum depth of cut: 1.5mm

Face milling test result
Chips of TANG4FEED are shorter compared to other tools.

SCM440 (Vc=120m/min、fz=1.0mm/t、ap=1.0mm、ae=45mm)
SUS304 (Vc=120m/min、fz=1.0mm/t、ap=1.0mm、ae=45mm)

Shoulder milling test result:Compared to other tool, machining sound volume of TANG4FEED is smaller and cutting power is also lower.

SCM440 (Vc=120m/min、fz=1.0mm/t、ap=1.0mm、ae=20mm、Overhang=260mm)

Helical coutouring milling test result:
Helical coutouring milling test resultTANG4FEED has high surface quality.
Machining sound volume is smaller compared to other tools.

SCM440 (Vc=120m/min、fz=1.0mm/t、
Pitch=1.0mm[Ramp down angle:0.4゜]、Overhang=260mm)

Recommended cutting condition

 Appealing sales points and object candidates of changing

VOMT insert
FFV-D-R-VN07 holder:
 Appealing sales points and attention
  • New design insert

    Large lapping angle is available by new insert design.

  • Strong dovetailed insert clamping

    Stable machining by strong dovetailed insert clamping even at large cutting force.

  • Recommended machine

    Since insert corner areas are large design, machine rigidity and workpiece rigidity are necessary.

edited by yuki takashima