Integrating Tool Functions by Titanox power

This product can be used for difficult-to-cut materials such as titanium, steel, stainless steel, and pre-hardened steel.

High-end endmill that allows to integrate various tool functions.

TitaNox-Power has good sharpness with high rigidity by double core.
Since it is compatible with titanium, general steel, stainless steel, hardened steel, pre-hardened steel, it is possible to integrate into one endmill.

Other uses of Titanox power: Integrating into one endmill

  • High rigidity

    Double core design which changes core thickness.

  • Excellent sharpness

    Cutting edge is compatible with sticky materials such as titanium.

  • Strengthen corner

    Coner has radius to strength corner.

  • Y-coated

    Coating technology that emphasizes heat resistance and wear resistance.

⇒It is possible to integrate 2 flute, 4 flute, roughing endmill etc.
It can be used on any machine such as BT30, BT40, and BT50.

Test if Titanox Power can be widely used.
Test tool:GMG40100(φ10.0xR0.5)  Machine:BBT40Machining center
Cutting condition for each workpiece material
  • Workpiece material: Titanium alloy (Ti-6Al-4V)

    Slotting: ap10mm
    Side milling: ap15mm, ae5mm
    Cutting condition: V=60, S=1,910, F=435 (fz=0.057)

  • Workpiece material:DAC material(HRC47)

    Slotting: ap10mm
    Side milling: ap10mm, ae5mm
    Cutting condition: V=60, S=1,910, F=305 (fz=0.04)

Side milling: Stable machining

  • 64Titanium

  • NAK55

  • DAC material(HRC47)

  • S50C

  • SUS304

  • A5052

Slotting: Stable machining

  • 64 Titanium

  • NAK55

  • DAC material(HRC47)

  • S50C

  • SUS304

  • A5052

Slow-motion video of slotting on SUS304

You can see excellent chip evacuation!

Recommended cutting condition

General steel

Pre-hardened steel

Stainless steel

Hardened steel


YG endmill series

  • For General Steels

  • For Stainless Steels
    V7 PLUS

  • For Heat Resistant Alloys
    Titanox Power

  • For Pre-Hardened Steels (HRC40~55)
    4G MILLS

  • For High Hardened Steels (HRC50~70)(HRC50~70)

  • For Aluminum, Non-ferrous Metals

Product detail

Product catalogue(File size: 2.6MB)
Appealing sales point and attention.
  • Integrating tool function

    This product can be used for various workpiece materials. You do not need to have many types of tools.

  • Regrinding and Re-coating

    Supported by certified factory.

  • Attention

    Please use 4G MILLS or X5070 for workpieces with hardness of HRC50 or harder.

edited by masashi shinki & yuki takashima