Cominix tool layout service

For customers who have no time to select new tools for new project.

Selecting an optimal product and a manufacturer just one-stop.

Do you have many meetings with manufacturer when considering the tools for new project?

COMINIX provides one-stop layout for new tools.

Assumed case: Selecting the tools for new project

Disadvantages of conventional case

In case of having meetings with many manufacturer to compare the prices:

Have you ever been concerned that you couldn't manage the progress because you had many meetings, or that it took a long time to check each items and you couldn't have enough time?

Also, after making special tools, have you ever found it on other company catalog as standard products?

We can solve such a problems.

Advantages of selecting Cominix

Please give us some details.
We will provide one-stop service to select optimal tools.

Please give us some information about workpiece, machine, leadtime and your requirement.

Examples of customer requests
・Select a standard product as much as possible
・Reduce machining time by using special tools
・educe initial cost as much as possible
・Want to use excellent performance tools ... and so on

We will select optimal tools from various manufacturers by our knowledge and experiences.

We will suggest suitable tools and cutting conditions from 10 Japanese manufacturers and 20 overseas manufacturers based on customer request.

Examples of manufacturers
mall diameter drills and endmills :AXIS
Threading tools :VARGUS
Chamfering tools and Centering drills:MAGAFOR
Tools for automatic lathe :UTILIS
... and so on

We have plenty of inventory.

Over 100 thousand inventories make you feel safe in case of emergency. We have wide tool inventories both Japanese manufacturers' and overseas manufacturers'.

Cost estimating of tools with tentative workpiece

Tentative workpiece
Grade: SCM420

Machine: 5-axis machine by Mazak (Capto6)
Enternal diameter machining, end-facing
Cernter hole drilling
Internal diameter machining
Boring bar for special recessing
Face grooving
Flat slotted drill
Slotted endmill
Flat drill for eccentric hole
Small diameter drill
Threading (Threading endmill)
Flat cutting (Indexable endmill)
End mill for half moon machining
Inverse facing insert
Turning holder
15 pcs of various toolings

Initial cost of tools and leadtime
Insert is 10 pcs each. Drill, end mill, and holder is 1 pc each.

Total cost: 448,520 JPY (Leadtime: 20 days)

If consider with Japanese manufacturer A, Japanese manufacturer B, overseas manufacturer C, and overseas manufacturer D.
Total cost: 774,945 JPY (Leadtime: 70 days~)

Machining demonstration video

Why Cominix can suggest such cost and short leadtime?

How about folowing tools if the grade of workpieces are stainless steel or difficult-to-cut material?
  • Walter: Insert holder with coolant to the edge

    Double clamping and coolant to the edge make you feel safe.

  • Walter: Grooving tools with internal coolant

    There is no holder body under the insert, no restriction of maximum diameter for face grooving.

Walter: C6 insert adapter for external turning holder

Internal coolant is available without hose.

edited by yuki takashima