High Efficiency Drilling for Steel Indexable 3 flute drill

This new indexable 3 flute drill allows high efficiency machining ever!


This is an indexable 3 flute drill.
3 flute drill is usually recommended for cast material or aluminum machining since its chip pocket is narrower than 2 flute drill. However, Iscar LOGIQ3CHAM is available with machining on SCM440. This is advantages that other companies do not have.

Comparison test: Machining on SCM440 by indexable 3 flute drill
Result: Steel machining with 3 flute drill is better accuracy than 2 flute drill.

  • Machine


  • Tooling

    The Left photo: LOGIQ3CHAM, 3 flute drill
    The right photo: SUMOCHAM, 2 flute drill

  • Workpiece clamping condition

    SCM440 200mm square x 120mm height block

3 types of indexable drill head
  • H3P head

    New design 3 flute drill head

  • ICP head

    2 flute drill head for steel machining

  • HCP head

    2 flute drill head with self-centering design

    12xD machining is available without prepared hole.

LOGIQ3CHAM machining video

Spindle loan value comparison result:
H3P (3 flute drill) cutting force is higher than 2 flute drill since feed per revolution is higher.
Diameter accuracy comparison:
H3P (3 flute drill) is excellent hole accuracy even at high speed machining.
Vertical line shows expanded diameter value (μm) *The numbers inside the parentheses shows feed of ICP and HCP.
Surface comparison:
Processed with HCP is the smoothest surface. H3P (3 flute drill) is better surface than ICP.
Hole surface condition(Vc=80m/min)

Chips condition(Vc=80m/min)

Recommended cutting condition

Additional test: Excellent machining on FC200 workpiece as well!!
Vertical line shows expanded diameter value (μm) *The numbers inside the parentheses shows feed of ICP and HCP.

Please refer Iscar web site for more detail.

H3P insert (3 flute head):
H3P holder (3 flute body):
ICP (2 flute head):
HCP insert (Self-centering head design, 12xD machining is available without prepared hole.):
We can satisfy your needs of:
  • High speed machining on steel and cast material

    It is possible to process at higher feed speed by indexable 3 flute drill.

  • Extend tool life

    3 flute drill is longer tool life than 2 flute drill.

  • SS400

    This product is available for SS400 which the chips become longer shavings.

  • FCD600

    This product is available for FCD600 that is hard workpiece.

edited by yuki takashima