New Design Turning Insert Excellent rigidity, sharpness, and economical.

New design turning insert allows to improve rigidity, sharpness, and economical simultaneously.


CXMG is double sided insert with 4 cutting edges. It is possible to save cost if changing from CCMT insert.

A dove-tailed pocket design for very firm insert clamping.
It is available with finishing machining of alloy steel and stainless steel.
Low cutting force to eliminate built-up-edge.

Product concept

  • New design CXMG insert

    4 cutting edges with flank angle

  • Conventional insert with 2 cutting edges

    Usually flank angle is available with 2 cutting edges.

Recommended cutting condition

Comparison video

The machining noise difference is remarkable.

Please refer Iscar web site for more detail.

CXMG insert:
External diameter holder:
External diameter holder with oil hole:
Internal diameter holder:
Object candidates of changing.
  • Conventional CCMT insert

    Economical as the number of available corners is doubled with the same sharpness.

  • CNMG insert for finishing

    The specific flank angle design makes it suitable for finishing.

  • CNMG insert with high cutting force

    High rigidity because the back of the cutting edge is a seat surface structure for receiving cutting resistance.

  • CNGP/CNGX insert

    Greater sharpness by the high rigidity design and specific flank angle.

edited by yuki takashima