alfa-sys Tool Presetter Improve workability with afordable price

This product allows accurate measurement with simple design.

Tool Presetter

This is easy to use design with affordable price.
This simple high rigidity design allows high durability and measurement accuracy.

Video: What is a "Tool presetter"? (for beginners)

Specific features of alfa-sys

Ball sleeve bearings is adopted for tool pot.
  • Ball sleeve bearings

    Holds on the shank surface of the holder at innumerable points for high runout accuracy.
    Repair can be done just replacing this sleeve.

  • How to use

    Put holder on tool pot and turn it little.

  • Run out accuracy

    3μm or less at 300mm height of test bar

Other manufacturer's product: Vacuum type

・Runout accuracy will be significantly reduced due to deterioration over time since it is Face-to-face contact to the shank.
・In case of reparing, the cost will be expensive because of complicated design.

Easy to use design. Easy tool setting even heavy tool.

Safer and more comfortable.

Tool pot is placed near the operator.
Excellent workability even with heavy tool holder.

User's voice

This tool presetter has better operability and easier positioning than the tool presetter used in the past.
It is easy to understand and easy to handle even for beginners because it simply has just the necessary and sufficient functions.

Easy positioning

Button operability

The manual push type button can move independently or simultaneously on both axes by pressing each button. Once you release the button, it will be fixed properly by air pressure.

Handle operability

The X-axis and Z-axis can be adjusted in 1 μm units with the feed handle.

Product detail (PDF file)

Appealing sales point and attention.
  • Affordable tool presetter

    This is an affordable price tool presetter.

  • Just need a simple type

    This tool presetter has simple functions and high rigidity.

  • Easy to maintenance

    Most consumable parts are made in Japan.

  • Attention

    Please put a cover on if dust is likely to enter.

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