Save cost with replaceable rotating center

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The point replaceable rotating center

You don't have to stock multiple center tools, so you can reduce costs and storage space with the point replaceable type.
In case you break it, you don't have to worry about the cost or the delivery lead time of repairs because you only need to replace the point.

1.What is "the point replaceable type rotating center"?
It is a center tool that allows you to replace only the haed unlike the conventional rotating center.
You can reduce the tool replacement time and reduce cost of the rotating center bodies.
Also, even if the head got damaged, you can replace it can immediately without waiting for repair or new product.

In case of using conventional type:

It is necessary to arrange more types of rotating centers than necessary in order to avoid lacking rotating centers, such as for supporting equipment whose production load has suddenly increased.
It costs a lot of initial costs.
Also, have you ever had the experience of urgently repairing or arranging a new product because the head of the center tool was damaged?

The head replaceable type is only palm-size!
Just replace the head even for emergent machining support or sudden tip damage.

There are many kinds of standard product center head, and are very easy to attach.
You do not need to secure the storage area just for the center tools.

2.Usage examples

3.Cost comparison of the conventional type and the point replaceable type
※Cost comparison when purchasing rotating centers with different tip shapes (Our research)

4.Explanation video

Explanation video for the point replaceable rotating center

This is an explanation video of this article

5.Product lineup

6.Prompt delivery lineup
We have 4 types of replaceable type body as prompt delivery products.
Please refer the above catalog for size, function, and runout accuracy.

Almost of all heads are prompt delivery product.

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