Grooving Tools for Heavy Duty

High feed grooving insert with various holders for heavy duty.

TAG HF breaker

Adapters with 5 pockets
Large diameter grooving adapter

Various types of unique grooving holder

  • High feed insert

    TAG N3HF (3mm width)
    TAG N4HF (4mm width)
    TAG N5HF (5mm width)

  • 5 pockets adapters
    Maxmum processing diameter: Φ45

    ADMP D45-2.0 (For 2mm width)
    ADMP D45-3.0 (For 3mm width)

  • Product video

  • TGTBQ holder

    20mm square shank to 32mm square shank are available.

  • DGAQ-JHP adapter

    Maxmum diameter: Φ50 to 120
    For DCN insert (double sided insert)

  • TGAQ-JHP adapter

    Maxmum diameter: Φ50 to 120
    For TAG insert (single ended insert)

Machining test videos

  • TAG N3HF insert and ADMP adapter

    Cutting condition: Vc=150m/min, Feed=0.5mm/rev

  • Parting of squere bar

    Cutting condition: Vc=150m/min, Feed=0.35mm/rev
    High feed is available even at heavy duty.

Recommended cutting condition

Please refer Iscar web site for more detail.

TAG HF breaker:
ADMP adapter:
TGTBQ holder:
DGAQ adapter:
TGAQ adapter:
Appealing sales points and object candidates of changing
  • High cutting resistance machining

    High cutting resistance machining is available due to the design that emphasizes cutting edge strength.

  • Square bar processing

    For heavy interrupted cutting condition.

  • Various types of holder and adapter

    General holders can also attach in addition to the introduction above.

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