Reducing Tool Replacement Time Small Diameter Drilling

Indexable head drill to reduce tool replacement cost in case of small diameter.
Φ4~5.9 are standard lineup.


New design of SUMOCHAM is for small diameter.
Reduce tool replacement time by indexable tool which is not necessary to attach and detach from collet or holder.

New SUMOCHAM is available from Φ4.

Minimum diameter of indexable drill
Other manufacturer sizes
(according to our research in 2019)

■Japanese manufacturer
Company A: Φ12
Company B: Φ10
Company C: Φ7.94
Company D: Φ14
Company E: Φ6
Company F: Φ13.6

■Overseas manufacturer
Company G: Φ10
Company H: Φ7.938
Company I: Φ12
Company J: Φ9.52
Company K: Φ11
Company L: Φ6

Iscar SUMOCHAM mini: Φ4

  • Concept video (attaching)

    Simple attach and detach.
    More effective with swiss-made automotic lathe.

  • Machining test video

    Machine: BT30
    Workpiece material: FCD450
    Good performance for depth 15mm with Φ5.

Please refer Iscar web site for more detail.
Object candidates of changing and attention
  • Reduce tool replacement time

    Small diameter indexable drill never before.

  • Wide options of edges

    Selecting from various edges depending on cutting condition and workpiece material.

  • Only ICP is available for Φ4~4.9

    ICM and ICK edges are available from more than Φ5.

edited by yuki takashima