Double-sided positive rake inserts with high helical and sharp edge for medium machining on aluminum steel

ALUPTURN has higher sharpness than CCGT insert.

Concept video

  • Machining video: CNGG...F3N insert

  • Machining video: VNGU...R3N insert

Machining load comparison test
Positive insert for aluminum steel vs. Negative insert for aluminum steel (new product)

  • Insert A

    CCGT09T304-AS IC20

  • Machine

    DMG MORI NL2000/700MC

  • Insert B

    CNGG090404-F3N-P IC20

Comparison test result:Machining load of negative insert (new product) is equal to or lower than positive insert. (Highlighted in red.)

Recommended cutting condition

Please refer Iscar web site for more detail.

CNGX holder:
VNGU holder:
Object candidates of changing, and lineup
  • Changing from positive insert

    Machining load is not incressed.Good cost performance by double-sided insert.

  • Holder lineup

    25mm square shank holder and Φ40 shank holder are available with VNGU insert holder.

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