Anti-vibration Deep Grooving and Parting

The new blades eliminate vibrations, improve surface quality and increase the insert’s tool life.

Whisper Grip

▪Anti-vibration tools considerably improve machining stability and enhance insert life.
Improvements in surface quality on high overhangs to be attained, scrap levels to be reduced and users' profitability to be enhanced.

  • Concept video

  • Machining video

Optimization by fine-tuning calibration

▪Absorbing cutting force by carbide damper.
Each blade is pre-calibrated by ISCAR for optimal performance even at an overhang of 100mm.

Recommended cutting condition  Cutting speed is set by insert grade. Feed is set by insert breaker.

Please refer Iscar web site for more detail.

Whisper grip holder:
Object candidates of changing and attention
  • Overhang application

    Reduce vibration by tuning calibration screw.

  • High cutting force machining

    Stable cutting by absorbing cutting force even if overhang is short.

  • Programmed with consistent rotation

    Machining at consistent rotation is needed to obtain damping effect.

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