Reduce Semi-finishing of Face Milling

High accuracy surface finishing x double sided 4 cutting edges
Fine surface quality even skipped semi-finishing process.

Q. How come semi-finishing process can be reduced?

Since all blades are off by 0.05 mm in the axial direction, there is no need for pre-processing that leaves a small cut by using semi-finishing.
The final edge will be finished the process with itself.

Performance test and surface condition

  • Machine

    Okuma Corporation MA550VB
    BT50 vertical machining center

  • Tool

    Cutter:HTF D100-08-32-R-LN10
    Insert:HTP LNHT 1006 ER IC808
    Tooling:BT50 SEM 32X48
    Cutting condition:Vc=250m/min, ap=0.4mm, ae=70mm

Testing video

Processed surface
  • Processed surface(fz=0.2mm/tooth)

  • Processed surface(fz=0.3mm/tooth)

Please refer Iscar web site for more detail.

Appealing sales points
  • Reduce semi-finishing process

    Reduce tool types, tool costs, and machining time by process consolidation.

  • Available with various workpiece material

    Available with a wide range of workpiece materials by combining chip breakers and grades.

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