PENTA CUT for Swiss type automatic lathes

This product has a lineup of sizes that can use PENTA CUT even with automatic lathes.


This is able to use PENTA CUT even with automatic lathe with small space.
Here are chips photos for each machining condition from SUS316L workpieces which are difficult to control.

  • Machining video

  • Concept video

    Short head design that allows machining very closely even to the clamping area.

Machining test with SUS316L workpiece.
  • Machine

    cincom A20 Cutting oil, external coolant

  • Cutting condition

    Insert:PENTA 17N200P010LS IC1008
    Holder:PCHLS 12-17 (12 x 17 mm type)

Chips condition for each cutting condition *Insert width: 2.5mm

Recommended cutting condition

Please refer Iscar web site for more detail.

PENTA CUT inserts:
PENTA CUT holders:
This product will satisfy your needs of:
  • Saving cost

    Five cutting edges that provide the most advantageous price per cutting edge.

  • Rigid clamping system

    A strong insert design enables machining at very high machining parameters.

  • Easy insert changing

    Easy tool changing and reduce machine stop time.

  • Also threading

    This series also has the threading applications.

edited by yuki takashima