New option of endmill process for HRC40~55

This product is recommended for high hardened steel machining from HRC40~55.

Solid carbide endmills for pre-hardened steel

This is recommended for high speed machining of pre-hardened steel from HRC40~55 and hardened steel.
The tool cost is competitive compared to the equivalent tools of Japanese manufacturer.

Save tool cost

※Price comparison : company A is taken as 100.

Optimal tooth design for HRC40~55 workpiece.

This product allows to reduce cutting force and vibration.

This allows to extend tool life for high speed machining of pre-hardened steel and hardened steel.

Test data

Cutting condition:Tool diameter Φ10 x 4 flute, processed approx. 20m
ap=10mm、ae=3 V=150m/min S=4,777rpm fz=0.04mm F=764mm/min
Test result: YG 4G MILLS is the least wear amount.This is suitable for high speed machining of HRC40~55 workpiece!

  • Other manufacturer endmill

Machining video

YG endmill series

  • For General Steels

  • For Stainless Steels
    V7 PLUS

  • For Heat Resistant Alloys
    Titanox Power

  • For Pre-Hardened Steels (HRC40~55)
    4G MILLS

  • For High Hardened Steels (HRC50~70)

  • For Aluminum, Non-ferrous Metals

 Appealing sales points
  • High speed and high efficiency machining

    High speed and high efficiency machining
    This excellent wear resistance allows to shorten machining time.

  • Wide products lineup

    Square, radius ball, and long neck are availale.

  • Regrinding and Re-coating

    Supported by certified factory.

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