Stable machining of large diameter x deep holes Walter D3120

This product is recommended when you want to stabilize the machining of large diameter and deep holes with a lathe.

High rigidity indexable insert drill

The high-rigidity design of the straight flute enables stable machining, especially when drilling holes by turning.
One indexable insert shape for outer and inner seat.
You have 3 options for the breaker.

High rigidity design with straight cutting edge.
Stable machining is possible even in large diameter and deep hole.

  • Walter D3120

  • General indexable insert drill (Japanese other company's)

Size lineup
Diameter: Φ16~42
Length: 2D~4D

4 cutting edges with one indexable insert shape for outer and inner seat
3 options of breaker: Comventiional type (E57), high  stability type (A57), and light cutting type (E67)

Test data

  • Machine
    Mazak QT-compact200MY

  • Workpiece
    Φ80 external diameter x 140mm length
    Workpiece material: S45C

Cutting condition:Vc=80m/min f=0.1mm/rev Depth of cut100mm
Result: No vibration and quiet machining noise compared to Japanese other company's product.
Stable chip control from the start to 100mm.
  • Walter D3120

  • Japanese other company's product

Machining video

Appealing sales points
  • For large diameter and deep holes machining

    High rigidity holder and insert makes hard to vibrate.

  • 3 types breaker

    You can choose the proper breaker depending on machining application.

edited by masashi shinki & yuki takashima