How are countersinks different by manufacturers?

Comparing prices and performance with some manufacturers.

Comparing countersink by different manufacturer.

Chamfering is very deep.


The counter sink can be easily reworked by hand or used on a machining center by carbide material.
Recently, the requirements on the appearance and dimensions of the chamfered part have become stricter, and countersinks are introduced as new products from various manufacturers.

Therefore, we tried to verify the differences between each manufacturer for each work material.

magafor: wide lineup and competitive price

Wide line up for HSS, carbide, number of flute, and sizes with competitive price.

Guhring: Spyro Tec technology

Due to convex different radii of the cutting edges with variable helical pitch provide a stable and low-vibration countersinking process

Mapal: Unique variable pitch

Cutting force is reduced by extremely unequal pitch.

Comparing test and test report

Testing with Φ20.5, 90° type coated HSS.

Comparing rough hole Φ12.
Machining with a handy type chamfering machine of about 500 rpm.

It was difficult to compare the quality of the chamfered part because it was difficult to keep machining with handy type. Therefore, attached it to the machine and chamfered it.
  • img_product03.png

    Mazak QT-compact200MY

    Cutting condition:500rev/min、f=1mm/rev。

  • countersink18.png

    Workpiece rough hole Φ12

    Workpiece material: S50C、SUS304、FC250

Test result

There are vibrations and burrs with product of Japanese manufacturer A. However, Guhring and Mapal products are good cutting perfomance. Especially, processed surface by Guhring product was quite smooth.

There are galling and cloudiness by product of Japanese manufacuturer A. The other manufacturers are all good cutting performance.

There is no big difference by manufacturers, but performance by product of mapal is better a little.

Price comparison with each products
工具径Φ20.5 コーティングハイスにて比較.png

edited by yuki takashima