An under-shank type now available
New century

New Century anti-vibratied undercut type. Avoids interference on walls and deep grooves.


Antivibrated undershank endmill

An undercut type has been added to the popular general-purpose end mill series "New Century". This is variable pitch and variable leads type.


Product feature

Interference with the shank can be avoided when machining walls and deep grooves.

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① (1).png

An R shape is provided to prevent the bite of the edge (tool scratch and steps) due to a slight tilt of the tool when machining a depth longer than the cutting edge length.

Cutting edge dia. line up: Φ5~Φ13
Type: 4NV-US (Square) and 4NV-USR (Radius)

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test datea

Product code: 4NV-US-10.0 (Cutting edge dia.: Φ10/ Shank dia.: Φ8)
Cutting condition: Vc=120m/min S=3,820rpm F=610mm/min fz=0.04mm ap=10

We verified how much we need to reduce ae (Radial depth of cut) as the tool protrusion becomes longer.

  • dpp3.jpg

    Mazak VCN-430A(BT40)

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    Workpiece clamping condition
    Workpiece material: S50C

Overhang amount: 30mm

  • 1.png

    Machining with overhang amount of 3D.

  • 2.png

    ae=4mm, No vibration

    The surface is smooth under the condition of ae=4mm and overhang of 3D.

Overhang amount: 40mm


  • 3.png

    ae=2mm, Occurred vibration

    In the case of about 4D overhang, vibration occurred even if it was decreased to ae=2 mm.

  • 4.png

    ae=1.5mm, No vibration

    By reducing the radial direction to ae=1.5 mm, vibration was eliminated.

Overhang amount: 50mm


  • 5.png

    ae=1mm, Occurred vibration

    With overhang of 50 mm (5D), vibration was occurred even with ae=1 mm.

  • 6.png

    ae=0.5mm, No vibration

    By reducing the radial direction to 0.5mm, vibration was suppressed.

Explanation video

edited by masashi shinki & yuki takashima