50D deep hole drilling in one operation: Walter Titex XD

Reducing inventory risks by standardize extra long drills.
Size is available from Φ3.0.

Carbide long drill Titex XD technology

Deep hole drilling in one operation.
Standard product is available up to 50D.
Special product is available up to 70D.

Other manufacturers' maximum L/D for solid drills
Overseas manufacturer A:30D, Overseas manufacturer B:40D
Japanese manufacturer A:40D, Japanese manufacturer B:30D, Japanese manufacturer C:30D,Japanese manufacturer D:30D, Japanese manufacturer E:30D

Standard product lineup by Walter

Φ4.5 to Φ9.0 are standard line up of 50D.

Special product is available up to 70D. Maximum length of drill material is 530mm.

Excellent chip evacuation by polished flute.

Chip evacuation is the most important for long hole drilling. Please process with over 2Mpa coolant pressure.

Machining test data
  • Machine:

  • Workpiece size: External diameter of Φ48 x 280mm length
    Workpiece material: S45C

Φ6 x 280mm depth of through hole
①3D pilot:A6181TFT-6 Drilling to 12mm depth Vc=90m,f=0.18mm/rev
②30D drill:A6994TFP-6 Drilling to 17mm depth Vc=70m,f=0.15mm/rev
③50D drill:A7595TTP-6 Drilling to 280mm depth Vc=70m,f=0.15mm/rev

Result: No vibration and bent hole with stable machining
Bore exit: Left is drilling with other manufacturer A. Right is drilling with Walter A7595TTP-6.

Although drill of other manufacturer A is carbide drill, it misaligned about 2mm from the center position.
Machining video

edited by masashi shinki & yuki takashima