Anti-vibrated internal diameter machining even with a small tool Φ20!! Anti-Vibration Boring Bars with Exchangeable Turning Heads

Carbide holder is normally used to avoid vibration for Φ20 internal diameter turning.
We now offer the new size of anti-vibration boring bar!

Whisper ISO

Anti-vibration boring bars with wide range of sizes.
This new product can be used with Iscar new design insert.

Internal coolant

7 sizes of shank diameter: Φ16, Φ20, Φ32, Φ40, Φ50, Φ60
2 sizes of length: 7D, 10D
Interchangeable boring head for CC, VC, DC, DN, VN, CNMG09, and CXMG09

If the length is too long to use, following length is nessesary to be kept: 

    7D type      10D type
Φ16: 100mm      Can't be shortened
Φ20: 125mm      Can't be shortened
Φ25: 155mm       255mm
Φ32: 190mm       320mm
Φ40: 240mm       410mm
Φ50: 305mm       520mm
Φ60: 380mm       630mm

Recommended breaker
Finishing: F3P/F3M
Semi-finishing: M3P/M3M

・Recommended boring heads: Positive insert (CCMT, DCMT etc.), sharp edge with small corner radius

Internal turning comparison test
Normal holder (6D) vs. Anti-vibration holder (10D)

Precautions for use

・Use flat area of holder for making alignment
・Grip part should be more than 4xD
(Φ16 shank: 20mm head + 156 mm total length of holder)
・Anti-vibration effect cannot be obtained by bolting since it is a cylindrical shank.
・Recommended to use round-shaped clamping system

Anti-vibration boring bar accessories of Cominix prouducts

  • Boring sleeve (made by EWS Tool Technologies)

  • Clamp base (made by EWS Tool Technologies)

Please refer Iscar web site for more detail.

Anti-vibration holder:
Interchangeable boring head:
Object candidates of changing and appealing sales points
  • Reducing vibration of internal turning

    You can get the anti-vibration tool even at Φ20 internal turning

  • Extend insert tool life by stable

    machining with anti-vibration boring bar.

  • CXMG insert is available

    The new product, CXMG insert is also available to use.

edited by yuki takashima