Introduces New MULTI-MASTER Milling Heads with 1.5xD

Expanding lineup of indexable endmill, MALTI-MASTER.
Milling heads with 1.5xD has came to the standard product.


MM EC: Φ8 indexable heads with 4 flute and 7 flute
MM ERS: Φ8 indexable heads with roughing endmill 4 flute

* Here is the recommended conditions for side milling with BT30 based on actual machining data.

Side milling with BT30
Cutting condition difference by different heads
  • Machine

    ROBODRILL α-D14LiA5 BT30

  • Tool

    ①MM EC120H18R05CF-4T08 IC908
    ②MM ERS120B18-4T08 IC908
      (ERS is roughing head)

  • Workpiece material


Test result
Shoulder milling with MM EC-CF head

Side surface
Cutting condition: Vc=160m/min, fz=0.12

MM EC-All the test items passed at good condition.

Test result
Shoulder milling with MM ERS head

Side surface
Cutting condition: Vc=140m/min, fz=0.1

MM ERS head vibrated under high speed cutting.

Please refer Iscar web site for more detail.

EC head (7,9 flute):
EC head (4 flute):
ERC head:
Object candidates of changing and attention
  • Reduce tool replacement time

    Improvement of tool replacement time especially for automatic machines with a small space for tool exchange.

  • 1.5xD

    is now a standard product.

  • Slotting

    We didn't get good result with slotting by using BT30 machine. Slotting is not recomended for this product.

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